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3 Misconceptions about Online Branding

Online branding (also internet branding) is a way of leveraging the internet and social media platforms towards marketing goals. It is an indispensable practice in digital marketing to promote not only your company’s products but also your organization’s identity, your business philosophy and why customers should be loyal to you the most among your competitors.

But as all things about digital marketing and business, in general, online branding can be a difficult and complex process that is often overlooked and misunderstood. It can be expensive, time-consuming and the outcome can be altogether less than satisfying.

Below are the three most common misconceptions about online branding and how to address them.

Misconception 1: My logo is my brand.

A logo is not a substitute for an online branding strategy.

Probably one of the biggest misconceptions among small business owners revolve around brand names and logos. While a well-designed logo makes great headway towards building a visual digital marketing presence, it does not guarantee sales and online views. It is merely your visual marker, if you will.

Choosing your brand name and logo is only a part of your marketing strategy to identify what makes you distinctive, authentic and trustworthy. Which is why your online brand must work to feature your company values, your business personality, your brand language and company culture through creativity and careful planning.

Misconception 2: My brand is all about my identity.

Actually, it’s about you and it’s about your CUSTOMERS.

Social media platforms is the new ‘shop window’ and your company website is your catalogue. You don’t post on Instagram for yourself. You do it because you want people to purchase your product. Whether they are compelled to buy your goods is a direct reaction to how they feel and how they respond to what they see.

When small companies start up, they tend to build their brand about their idea of what they want their business to become, not how their customers will perceive them. A brand can become so self-involved that it has become too abstract or omnidirectional, it’s hard for digital consumers to relate. But perception is everything in digital marketing. The visual content must be designed to be approachable and engaging especially in the world of multi-channel communication.

Always put your customers first when designing your brand in order to gain direction towards your marketing goals. Remember, building the online brand is not just the responsibility of the marketing department, every person in the company plays a part.

Misconception 3: My brand will last for years to come.

NOTHING is set in stone.

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing where analytics can take upturns and swivel right or left at the drop of a megabyte, it is important to remember that people are driven by their purpose. As time marches on, people change along with their preferences and what they need. There will come a time when your brand will need to change with the digital landscape.

Many companies are born everyday. Some of these are your competitors. The younger a business is, the more ability it has to refine, improve and manipulate its presence in the different media platforms. Change is an opportunity to grow and, occasionally, it will be necessary to evolve your brand over time.

Some companies will argue that their businesses have been surviving without the benefit of online branding for years. In which case, following through with branding workshops can only be edifying and cost-effective in the long term.

Another alternative is to hire an expert who will work with the entire team to build the brand with you.

To wrap up, while online branding can become complicated and expensive, it doesn’t have to be. Starting with a branding strategy and building on marketing skills through workshops or hiring experts can help you reach your business goals.

In the end, seeing an increase in social media engagement, website sales and company revenues should be most satisfying indeed.

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